Meet Jo

Johara Al Suwaidi's eponymous label, Casa Johara was founded in 2020 and is a privately held label based in Doha, Qatar. 

At the intersection of designer and couture categories, the fashion house focuses on creating iconic ensembles of superlative quality. 

Deeply influenced by Johara's Qatari-Mexican heritage, and the many places that she calls home, Casa Johara is relevant yet unbound to cultures.







Each collection aims to capture and memorialize a moment in a time. A right-of-passage high school prom night, a honeymoon getaway, first day at the first job, or a suhoor night reunion with college friends. The desire to honour and celebrate such moments that will become future memories holds universal appeal, and so do the brand's ensembles.







"My ultimate inspiration to creating Casa Johara didn’t solely come from the love I have for art and design, but for the ultimate goal to, ‘Dare to be you.’ Amongst a few other important messages that my brand will stand for. Fashion for a purpose, enhancing family bonds and empowering one another. This is a journey I have gathered the courage to take myself on and in the hope to be able to inspire and support others as well. Paving the way for men and women towards inspiring an authentic society by adapting social norms to the new era we live in today. 

In my case, this means my desire to be able to connect on a larger scale and promote what I truly believe could make a positive impact on the world, through my love for art and design. This could mean anything from creating fun family bonds through fashion or protecting the environment by practicing zero waste and recycling as much possible, going cruelty-free by not using animal products and empowering women regardless of ethnic backgrounds. In order to promote what I always dreamt of ever since I was a little girl."






Johara Al Suwaidi is based in Qatar. She holds a BFA from The Virginia Commonwealth University and is passionate about design, culture, women empowerment and diversity. She is open to creative collaborations with local and foreign designers.