Timeless Silhouettes, Effortless Appeal

Its hard to not be an outfit-repeater with Casa Johara. You'll find yourself taking more mirror-selfies and and thinking of all the ways you in which you can dress up or dress down our versatile statement pieces. Whatever you do, don't ever apologize for being a total distraction.

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Behind the Scenes @ CJ

  • Fabrics

    Absolutely peerless. Our selection of textiles sourced from some of the most exclusive small-batch studios means that you won't find similar elsewhere. Safe to say you wouldn't be wearing the same dress as another guest at an event.

  • Artisanship

    It's all in the details. A Casa Johara piece is about appreciating the finer things in life. Our meticulous attention to detail is beyond apparent. Each piece is crafted with custom-made trims that elevate your look.

  • Fit & Finish

    The Casa Johara woman loves her curves - each piece is made to accentuate your silhouette and add a touch of sensual femininity.

    Escape mediocre. Embrace amor propio (Spanish for self-love).


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